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Welcome to TheSkillSite Immigration, Work Permit and Visa Services

A Permanent Residency grants you the permission to live and work lawfully any where in the country of your choice. It also allows you to have an access on various social programs. Being a skilled professional you can make your home abroad with the help of your education and work experience.

Interested in working abroad? Well you can't just hope a plane to any country and start looking for a paid job. To work would be illegal without a permit, which you can not acquire without a job offer and very few employers will offer you a job if you don't already have a work permit. But theSkillSite can help you cut the red tape and acquire a legal work permit or place you in a job and with out any cost.
TheSkillSite only provides you the detailed information of immigration, Work Permit and other visa related for Employers, Recruiters and Skilled Workers around the World.

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Immigration of UK, Highly Skilled Migrant Programe (HSMP)


The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (UK HSMP) provides talented people with exceptional skills, the opportunity to come to the United Kingdom to seek work without the need to get a UK work permit from an employer.

» Working Holiday Maker Visa
» Science and Engineering Graduate Scheme

Immigration of Canada


 Canada is one of the few countries in the western world that is actively looking for immigrants. Not only is it easier to emigrate to Canada than to other lands of opportunity like the points based Canada Skilled Worker Visa.

 » Temporary Entry in Canada
 » High Demand Occupations
 » Six Selection Factors

  Australia Immigration
Immigration of Australia


  Australia has an excellent and very successful skilled migration programme. Over 150,000 jobs advertised weekly and the lowest unemployment rate in 23 years.
Use our visa services or the skilled migrant points calculator below to find out if you qualify.

 » Check Your Eligibility
 » Working Holiday Maker Visa
USA Immigration, Visa Lottery Programe


Majority of all Visas Available for USA are of Temporary Nature. Once in the US, the person, if eligible, may apply to become a Permanent Resident (PR) (commonly referred to as Green Card).

» US Immigration Visa
» Green Card Lottery Visa
» Non Immigrant Visas
New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand

 The New Zealand Government policy permits the granting of permanent residence up to 45,000 persons per year under a range of visa classes, allowing both permanent and temporary residence.

  » Skilled Immigration Visa
  » Temporary Visas
  » Family Immigrant Visa
Work Permit with out Job Offer

Work Permit

  If you don't complete the requirements of Immigration to UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA or Canada, still you have the chance to working in these countries on workpermit.

  » UK Work permit
  » USA Work Permit
  » H1B Visa for USA
Immigration Forum
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